The six benefits of the fasting mimicking diet


The Fasting Mimicking Diet, devised by Professor Valter Longo, if followed correctly, may represent an alternative way of finding the right balance with the body. According to the publication of the journal Science Translational Medicine, the potential benefits of this practice are numerous and their application extends to different fields, from the scientific field to the clinical one.

By repeating this cycle steadily over time, after a period varying between 3 and 6 months depending on the risk factors, Professor Longo explains that it would be possible to obtain a “cell regeneration” effect based on the death of non-efficient cells and on the production of new stem cells.

It does not deal with an actual fasting; the word “mimicking” suggests a diet that imitates the effects of fasting. The Fasting Mimicking Diet lasts only a few days, more exactly five days during which there will be an improvement of every feature of our body. Let’s analyse them together!


  1. Better preservation of cognitive functions. Adopting a low-calorie diet not only contributes to cellular regeneration but also helps to reinforce neural regeneration and enhance learning abilities.
  2. Reduction of abdominal fat with a significant increase in muscle mass in relation to body weight.
  3. Decrease of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Studies assert that it would be able to repair pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.
  4. Significant improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol values ​​in subjects having the following alterations.
  5. The strategic deprivation of certain nutrients, not only prevents the risk of developing pathologies such as cancer, but it has also produced a decrease in the IGF1 hormone by stimulating the regeneration of tissues. The hormone IGF1 is necessary for growth during development. However, when we get older it is a cause of diseases in the process of cellular aging.
  6. A rejuvenation of the immune system, a kind of “reset” whereby about a third will be destroyed, and will be rebuilt during the refeeding, or when a normal diet is resumed.

The benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diet can be numerous and affect different areas of our body. Thanks to these 5 days of restriction, repeated steadily in time, clinical tests have determined the possibility of obtaining an effect of “reprogramming” internal cells, helping our body to cope with the passage of time.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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Professor Longo and the meal plan of the Fasting Mimicking Diet


The professor Valter Longo has recently been invited to the TV show “Presa Diretta” (if you want to watch the full interview video click on During this interview, different aspects of nutrition and diets were discussed, adopted as a lifestyle to improve health, as well as the most important aspects of the various functionalities of the FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet), result of scientific research, could have on the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Let’s go through some of them:


Firstly, the Professor emphasizes the importance of establishing a controlled caloric restriction diet. It deals with a meal program in which it is essential to measure the level of certain components. Deprivation of certain nutrients or even the adoption of an “extreme” diet often does not produce the desired effects and, in some cases, can be very dangerous for our body. Practicing a fasting simulation eating food is really a clever choice!


The studies conducted by Professor Valter Longo led to the creation of a dietary protocol simulating the effects of fasting, hence the name Fasting Mimicking Diet. The diet mimicking fasting can be considered as a therapy whose purpose is precisely to reactivate the regenerative principles of the body.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet was first tested on animal models. Its application has shown how the body is able to “self-repair” by replacing damaged cells, while preserving young and functional cells.


The first studies were carried out on laboratory mice to determine their positive effects in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Each FMD cycle could destroy a harmful autoimmune component, enhancing the regeneration of damaged cells. In 50% of mice, the symptoms of multiple sclerosis lowered significantly and in 20% of them, they decreased.  Although it still being tested, a pilot study led subsequently on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis revealed improvements in life and health quality of the latters. These improvements have also been reported for diseases such as diabetes or other neurodegenerative diseases.


The difference between the Fasting Mimicking Diet and the Diet of Longevity (of which Professor Longo gives many illustrations in his first book), is the daily protein intake. According to Professor Longo’s studies, high protein consumption activates the hormone lGF1, a growth hormone involving aging and therefore the outbreak of diseases associated with it. However, when we talk about proteins, we must pay attention to the beneficial ones to our body and the harmful ones! Professor Longo prefers vegetables, whose sources are legumes, whole grains and dried fruits, to the animal proteins, which undoubtedly involve the outbreak of diseases.

The research conducted by Professor Valter Longo is constantly evolving. A healthy and balanced diet can therefore improve our quality of life. Moreover, we cannot exclude the possibility of applying FMD in the future, in combination with conventional treatments, for the treatment of some pathologies.

Prolon, in collaboration with Professor Valter Longo, has developed a 5-day food kit, which is clinically tested and easy-to-use that enables to follow the fasting mimicking diet.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

Francesco Scarparo, 62, from Brindisi, is the owner of a sporting goods store. A year and a half ago, he learned of the The Fasting Mimicking Diet proposed by Professor Valter Longo via two clients. Intrigued, he decided to know more about it, thus taking a nutrition path that embraced the principles of the Longevity Diet, first with a “do-it-yourself” method, then choosing an easier and safer approach with the ProLon Kit of the Fasting Mimicking Diet.


  1. You enjoy good health. What did prompt you to adopt Pr. Longo’s vision?

Actually, I did not know the professor. Two of my clients told me about it. When my sister also started to follow the principles promoted by the latter, I decided to learn about the several scientific research and I told to myself: “Why not to try”. What impressed me most was the idea of ​​dietary education as well as the potential effect of cell regeneration through nutrition. I think it is essential to follow proper balanced diet, especially nowadays, we eat everything and we do it in a haphazard way, without thinking about the consequences that could be detrimental to our health.

  1. Why did you decide to buy the ProLon kit?

With my job, I am often away from home. I needed something easy and ready to use, but I wanted to follow this path with a scientifically proven and clinically safe method that would not compromise my health, while ensuring the desired effects. That is why I decided to buy the Prolon kit.

  1. Describe your 5 days of dieting … Did you face any particular difficulties.

Actually, I have not encountered any particular difficulties; the preparations are structured in a clear and simple way for each day. On the physical side, only on the third day I had a little headache, but otherwise, I did not suffer any side effects.

  1. What were the benefits?

Weight loss is the least important factor, with a FMD cycle; I lost about 4.2 kg / 4.3 kg. I have always been a person having a weak immune defence, the kind of person who falls easily sick. I have not been sick for a year and a half, that is to say, since I have been on this diet, my body temperature has stabilized. Moreover, every day, I constantly monitored my blood pressure and my heart rate and there were significant results!

  1. What are the results?

Before doing the FMD, I used to take half a pill to keep my blood pressure under control, but now I do not take it anymore! In addition, I always monitored my heart rate, which was around 75/70 BPM, while now at rest it is around 50/52 BPM. Besides, mental clarity and concentration have improved even after the end of the cycle.

  1. Do you practise any sport?

I have always been athletic, but I notice better physical feats. Moreover, the metabolism seems to have accelerated, for example, if before I used to burn for 1000 kcal in one hour, in the same amount of time, now I burn 2000 kcal!

  1. What did you like about the kit and what would you change?

Overall, different foods have good flavours. I particularly liked the walnut bar; however, I would change the tomato soup.

  1. The Fasting Mimicking Diet described in 3 words

  • Functional
  • Well-studied
  • Regenerative
  1. Would you recommend it? And how about the most sceptical people

I absolutely would recommend it, and to be honest I’m already doing it, because in my personal experience I only found positive notes. I would also like to add one last thing if you allow it. I have often heard of price, too high for the type of food in the Prolon kit. I would like to remind that components dosing is the result of years of scientific research, so they are not there by chance. In my opinion, this money has been well spent!

What would I say to the most sceptical?

Try it and we’ll talk about it again!


Article rédigé par les soins de :

Francesca Florenzo


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Fasting Mimicking Diet: The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

Fasting Mimicking Diet: the revolution Valter Longo

It has always been said since ancient times that a proper diet, along with a few days of fasting, can have huge benefits for the body. Professor Valter Longo, during his 10-year scientific research has demonstrated how our body activates cell regeneration processes through a caloric restriction that imitates fasting (Fasting Mimicking Diet). These processes help slow cell aging by reducing the risks of exposure to correlated diseases.

It is an actual revolution of the “diet” notion, which is not meant anymore as a dietary restriction aiming at the ultimate goal of weight loss, but a strong ally for the prevention of pathologies and for slowing down the process of cell aging.

It is about reprogramming the body through a specific dietary pattern in order to introduce it into a slower form of aging, a kind of total reset involving benefits to our body by regenerating the immune system and promoting the production of healthy cells.

The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

1) In the first phase, the yeasts, which are simple unicellular organisms having half of genes in common with humans, were the subject of experiments. In the studies carried out by Professor Longo, it has been discovered that by reducing the yeasts’ feeding their life cycle is extended.

2) In the second phase, studies on mice were carried out, demonstrating that a strategic deprivation of certain food, as it had been previously done on yeasts, extends the life expectancy of the rodents. It turns out that such deprivation has also benefits on the immune system, with a significant reduction in the incidence of cancer and inflammatory diseases, as well as on the brain, improving cellular regeneration.

3) In the last phase, Professor Longo and his team were able to obtain a confirmation in humans, corroborating the thesis that a caloric restriction, once a month for five days, not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also the amount of lGF-1, the growth factor associated with the development of cancer cells. Therefore, the idea of ​​selecting and cataloguing certain types of food that would be part of a controlled diet and would involve benefits not only for the immune and neuronal systems, but also for reducing the incidence of tumours and inflammatory diseases; thence the fasting mimicking diet comes.

Prolon, in collaboration with Professor Valter Longo, has developed a 5-day food kit, which is clinically tested, and easy-to-use that enables to follow the fasting mimicking diet.

 Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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The Five Pillars of Longevity and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

The Five Pillars of Longevity and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Longevity, everyone wants it, but how do you get it?

Professor Valter Longo has led one of the most important studies on longevity based on nutrition. This is how he has identified the five pillars that enable the foundation of the bases for a long life, and from which were issued the studies that led to that the fasting mimicking diet®.

Professor. Valter Longo and his team’s studies are at the origin of the meal program of the that the fasting mimicking diet, the result of more than 10 years of scientific research, conducted at the University of Southern California’s  Longevity Institute and School of Medicine, one of the world’s leading centres for studies on aging and longevity.

The research results above mentioned have been published in the world’s most influential scientific journals.

Let’s discover the origins:

First pillar:

Understanding the interaction between cells and different nutrients, how some of them affect cell functioning.

Second pillar:

Through epidemiology, a discipline studying the cause of disease in populations, the diet turns out to be a factor having a significant impact on the functioning of metabolism.

Third pillar:

The demonstration that dietary style may subsequently have an impact on health has been shown by randomized clinical trials.

Fourth pillar:

Based on the study of the centenarians, always relatively to an eating behaviour adopted by the most long-lived people in the world, with a link between genetics and lifestyle.

Fifth pillar:

It consists in the study of complex systems allowing the analysis and understanding of the human organism complexity by simplifying it through models that are more intuitive. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the prevention of a chronic pathology through food and diet has become possible.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo


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