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The Diet of Longevity: How to cure with food?

Valter Longo has dedicated his career to anti-aging therapies research and experimentation. In his first book “The Diet of Longevity“, which benefits have been donated to research, the scientist explains gradually the studies that led him to the creation of what we know now as the Diet of Longevity and the Fasting Mimicking Diet. In […]

FMD: The scientific method of PR.Longo to purify the body!

Let’s talk about what initially seemed to be a passing trend and then turned out to be much more. Indeed, the FMD (the Fasting Mimicking Diet) of Professor Valter Longo deserves to be seen in a larger scenario. While it is true that interpretation is subjective, science and its results are rather objective! Today, we […]

Multiple Sclerosis: The potential efficacy of Fasting Mimicking Diet

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative demyelinating disease, that is, with lesions affecting the central nervous system. Classified and recognized for the first time in 1868 by the French neurologist J.M Charcot, clinical and experimental evidence indicates that at the base of MS, the immune system reacts with attacking myelin T. Over the recent years, […]

A proper nutrition: the opinion of the expert Alessandro Laviano

Alessandro Laviano has a remarkable resume. Over the years, he has had different positions nationally and internationally. A doctor of internal medicine and nephrology at the Umberto I Hospital in Rome, he specialized in the field of nutrition and healthy eating, focusing his research on the benefits resulting from the integration of a pharmacological and […]

How to have longer and healthy lifespan: interview with professor Mirisola about the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Live longer and healthier The concept of “living longer and healthier”, which nowadays, given the increased risk of pathologies, seems to be unachievable, is based on the always more certain conviction that nutrition contributes to its realization. Science has certainly improved qualitatively human life, both through the introduction of new technologies, in the fields of […]

Caloric Restriction: The 5 Days of Lucia

When it comes to deal with something new, doubts and questions that arise are numerous and often come with a kind of scepticism. In order to remove these doubts, at least in part, telling you my personal experience could be useful. Lucia, is a 36-year-old homemaker and full-time mother, she is sharing with us her […]