Spring has finally arrived and with the first heat, we are already looking to the summer. The Fasting Mimicking Diet is one of the best ways to get in shape and be ready for the swimsuit season.

At this time of year, we go in search of easy and quick tips to get back in shape in a short time.  Unfortunately, there are no magic pills or miracle treatments: these remedies often lack a scientific foundation and do not take into account the risks they may have on the health of those who use them. The only viable solution is to take care of ourselves with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle not only in the months before summer but throughout the year.

In addition to a balanced diet and constant physical activity, it is possible to implement a 5-day meal program called ProLon - Fasting Mimicking Diet.

What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The Fasting Mimicking Diet is a 5-day food program to follow through the ProLon kit providing specially formulated meals with the necessary macro and micronutrients, which are not recognized as such by our body, which will behave as if it were subjected to a fasting state.

ProLon diet

The benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Several scientific studies have shown that the Fasting Mimicking Diet has many amazing results. Some of these are chance to lose weight from around the abdomen, increase in muscle mass, decrease in fasting blood sugar values in subjects with glucose intolerance, reduction of blood pressure in hypertensive subjects, reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels and decrease in the general inflammatory state.* (*Benefits seen in multiple consecutive cycles of ProLon diet)

Many people who have followed the Fasting Mimicking Diet have also found improvements in the skin, greater energy and mental clarity and the ability to avoid excess once returned to normal nutrition: for example, the consumption of sugars and calories is reduced, and you are less prone to excess in the use of coffee, alcohol and sweets.

Who can do the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

All healthy adults between 18 and 70 years old can do it. In general, it is not recommended for people over 70, unless they have the approval of a specialized doctor or a geriatrician. This diet is also indicated for people with specific pathologies, but only with the approval of the medical specialist of the disease. There are also some categories excluded from the possibility of practicing the Fasting Mimicking Diet, such as pregnant women; this is why it is important to specify that the ProLon diet should always be performed under the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist.

How does the Fasting Mimicking Diet work?

ProLon diet

At least in the week before the Fasting Mimicking Diet is recommended to follow a complete nutrition with the right protein intake, preferably from fish and vegetables, using complete multivitamin supplements and omega-3.

  • Day 1 provides 1100 kcal, of which 500 from complex carbohydrates (especially vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, etc.) and another 500 from healthy fats (almonds, hazelnuts, EVO oil). There are also 25 grams of protein of vegetable origin, mainly contained in nuts, a multivitamin supplement and omega-3/6 and sugar-free tea (to be taken up to 3-4 cups/day).
  • From Day 2 to 5 calories drop to 800, of which 400 from complex carbohydrates and another 400 from healthy fats. Also during these days, it is advisable to use the omega-3/6 supplement and the multivitamin, drink unsweetened tea and a lot of water. These ingredients should be divided between breakfast, lunch and dinner or can be consumed in two meals and a snack.
  • After the Fasting Mimicking Diet, on the Day 6, it is useful to adopt for 24 hours a diet based on complex carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals, pasta, bread, and fruit) and minimize the consumption of fish, meat, fat, saturated, sweets, cheese, milk, etc.

This protocol can be done even more than once a year, depending on the need and according to the doctor or nutritionist’s decision.

If you too are interested and want to try the ProLon – Fasting Mimicking Diet, book now a free nutritional consultation with our nutritionists.

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