Wild fennel, otherwise called fennel, is an aromatic plant belonging to the family of the umbelliferous and whose botanical name is foeniculum vulgare miller. The wild fennel is native to the Mediterranean areas and we find it very easily along the Italian coasts.

Wild fennel properties.

Wild fennel is used in cooking as an aromatic herb, but also has numerous phytotherapeutic properties. In a contest of a Longevity Diet it is very important to daily add spices and wild herbs. These latter help to reduce the amount of salt when cooking and exploit all the phytotherapeutical benefits. Leaves and seeds can be used to prepare purifying and digestive teas.

Seeds, in particular, are rich in active ingredients interesting for the physiological function of the stomach and intestines and for oestrogen-like characteristics: the trans-anethole, the ‘estragolo’ and the phoenix are components of the essential oil and should be treated carefully, and all essential oils.

According to data in literature, wild fennel is one of the commonly used herbs in Chinese traditional medicine and has been demonstrated by studies in modern pharmacology to have potential as a treatment of inflammatory diseases. (Further information can be found here).


There are different wild fennel properties:


-carminative properties: it possesses the property of absorbing and eliminating gases due to food malabsorption, wrong food combinations with meteorism formation;

-antispasmodic properties: it helps to eliminate annoying digestive colic of children, and is indicated for those suffering from epigastric pain due to digestive difficulties;

-diuretic properties: it helps to deflate the organism and facilitates diuresis;

-detoxifying properties: to enhance the detox effect, wild fennel can be mixed with other herbal remedies such as dandelion, milk thistle, artichoke. Doing so improves its flavour and increases its draining and purifying effect;

-galactogen properties: the seeds of wild fennel help to promote the milky mount for new mothers. Indirectly its benefits come to the baby, preserving it from the typical colic of the new-borns.

Wild fennel benefits.

Using wild fennel infused provides numerous benefits to the body, especially for those who complain about more or less serious disorders to the gastro-intestinal tract:

-stomach pain: those suffering from epigastric pain, stomach pain with spasms, gastritis with burning may benefit from a good cup of wild fennel infusion, to be enjoyed after meals or during the day to prepare the stomach;

-colitis: in case of intestinal irregularities, swelling, constipation, diarrhea, meteorism or spasms, wild fennel promotes intestinal peristalsis, absorbs excess gas, disinflames the colon, sedates spasms and pains;

-upper respiratory tract phlegm: wild fennel has an expectorant and secretolytic action, helps to fluidify the mucus and eliminate it. The hot infusion taken in the evening improves breathing and predisposes to a refreshing sleep.


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