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Sometimes our body needs detoxification due to stress, a high-calorie diet, swelling, and many other problems. A post-holiday detox? It is just what it takes! Keep reading to discover the best detox drinks for you.

Detox cleanse

What does it mean to do a detox? We often need to purify our digestive system, accelerating the elimination of toxins, expelling excess fluids, and revitalizing our bodies. A detox cleanse helps to regain physical and mental well-being.

Detox drinks

Detox water flavored with fruits and vegetables, vitamin smoothies, drinks rich in superfood or a light broth, here are 7 detox drinks useful to purify your body.

A lemon juice when you wake up

The action of the lemon on the secretion of bile acts in favor of the liver and, more generally, promotes digestion. Lemon contains soluble fiber, vitamin C, calcium and is an excellent antioxidant. In addition, as we already know, antioxidants are excellent for detox cleanse. Lemon has beneficial effects on blood sugar and fat assimilation.

lemon juice

A green smoothie

Parsley is an incredible source of vitamin C, a great help for our body. To absorb a generous amount of parsley, strain it with fruit rich in fiber, such as apple. The recipe for this green smoothie? Take organic apples and mix them with ten tufts of parsley. If you are not a fan of parsley, complete your detox drink with spinach leaves or cucumber.

green smoothie

The inevitable green tea

Green tea has always been an excellent detox tea and a source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals (the aggressors of our cells) and therefore helps to preserve young skin. No need to drink 2 liters of tea to benefit from these virtues, a couple of cups will be enough. Remember: tea is a very diuretic, so don’t abuse it and alternate it with water.

green tea

Ginger tea

Among the best detox drinks for the body, you should consider ginger tea, which is a tea-free hot drink considered a good alternative to green tea.

ginger tea

Organic juices

Another good choice between detox drinks is fruit juice. It is a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and other energy stimulators of micronutrients, without the high calorie intake. It is better to prefer vegetable juices to fruit juices, which contain more sugar (although natural), and drink your juice immediately after you have prepared it to take all the nutrients.

organic juices

A beet smoothie

Beet contains real treasures of nutrition if eaten raw. We especially love it for its content of vitamin B, vitamin C, and many trace elements. It is the revitalizing vegetable par excellence, and it is rich in fiber. How to prepare it in a detox drink? Mixing it with a little celery, cucumber, carrot, and apple.

beet smoothie

Aromatized water

Now it is a real trend! Very easy to prepare and effective. You can put in your water jug kiwi, cucumber, lemon and let them soak a little.

aromatized water

ProLon diet

Another way to trigger the natural process of cleaning and rejuvenation of your cells, which supports healthy aging, is the Fasting Mimicking Diet. On Monday 20 September, the fifth edition of Fasting Week will take place. Buy your ProLon kit and join the FB group to share your experience with all European Fastinators.

Do you want more information about the ProLon diet? Get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists for free.





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