ProLon® ReSet 24 hours Internal Body Cleanse

A 24 hours fasting with food that helps you cleansing like 1 day only-water fast, it keeps you in a fasting state, based on the Fasting Mimicking Technology™, it gives your body a break from mindless eating and allows it to recover through active fasting

Take a Break

Give your body a 1-Day break and allow it to get back on track through active Fasting with Food.

Internal Body Cleanse

Cleanse your body internally in a natural way.

Deflated sense

Break over-eating and stop feeling physically bloated.

Active Energy

Feel more energetic after a 1-Day ReSet.

Who’s It For?

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How It Works

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Why It Works

ProLon Reset - 1 Day Fasting Kit

ProLon Reset - 1 Day Fasting Kit

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*If you have diabetes or are taking any medication that affects blood sugar please consult with a healthcare provider prior to attempting fasting or a low-calorie diet.

*Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, supplement, or exercise programme. 

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