Have you ever thought of a mindful approach to ProLon diet? Doctor Victoria Santoloquido participated in the third edition of the Fasting Week, she did the ProLon diet for the first time. Let us find out together with her how to face the Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan from a mindful point of view.

vittoria with ProLon

Q: What is the main moral you learned during this experience in participating in the European Fasting Week?

V: I learned how a small portion of food could be as satisfying as a whole portion of food just if you eat that meal consciously. 

Q: Do you think that mindful practice helped you with the ProLon diet?

V: Meditation practices were fundamental. I couldn't have completed the ProLon diet without it. I enjoyed every meal and I loved both the soups, the bars and the crackers. Fasting Mimicking Diet ingredients are healthy. If we are fully aware of our body and we respect and satisfy it in the right way, we can have full control of our mind too.

Q: How did you handle your first experience with the ProLon diet?

V: It was a real 5-day retreat, I did meditation practices in the morning and the evening and even before and during my meals. During the week, my meditation practices are always quite short because I don't have a lot of free time but I always cut out those 10/15 minutes for myself. I was able to live these 5 days in full tranquillity and awareness. I did not have any side effects like headaches, as I had heard from some people, I felt calm and full of energy especially on the fourth and fifth days.

Q: What can you recommend and suggest to those who want to approach the ProLon diet?

 V: It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend everyone to try it, but in a "mindfulness" way to live it present and to have the opportunity to fully regenerate their body and mind. 

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