How to fast

Find the right fasting program
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Finding the right fasting practice to match your health goals.

More and more people are practicing fasting to lose weight and improve their health, but do we really know how to fast to achieve the desired effects? Below are three of the main types of fasting categories currently being used and how to best incorporate them into your lifestyle for optimal results.

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Intermittent Fasting (IF)

An intermittent fasting program is a popular diet approach that alternates between periods of eating and fasting. Here are a few examples of how to fast with some of the more popular IF diets.

How to Fast

Intermittent Fasting

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Time Restricted
Eating (TRE)

TRE gives you a specific window of time during a 24-hour cycle in which you can eat. For those just getting started with fasting, this approach may be the easiest to implement into their lifestyle. By simply consuming reasonably sized portions during the eating window, weight loss and a variety of other health benefits can be achieved with minimal effort. Here are a few examples of how to fast for some common TRE diets.

How to Fast

Time Restricted Eating

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Prolonged Fast (PF)

PROLONGED FAST (PF): Also known as periodic fasting, this approach calls for a fast that goes beyond 2 days (most often somewhere between 4 and 7 days). While shorter fasts can be successful firing up the metabolism for quick weight loss, the prolonged fast offers additional benefits that can be very appealing to those looking for benefits at the cellular level. Here’s an example of how to fast for a highly effective, prolonged fast.

How to fast

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