Detox tea is a pleasant detox drink to sip warm in winter and cool during the summer. Detox tea offers a purifying action of the body, often stimulating diuresis. Among the most common ingredients of detox tea, there is ginger, but also birch and dandelion, the latter particularly indicated in case you want to combat water retention. Artichoke and turmeric are also among the main ingredients of a detox tea. 

Detox tea: benefits

Detox tea is a great way to increase your water intake by dispensing all of its healthy properties. Each tea has different benefits depending on the nature of the herbs used. You can try to drink detox tea between meals since large amounts of fluid when you eat can dilute the beneficial digestive juices. It is also better to drink tea while it is warm to make the most of the essential healthy properties contained inside.

Detox teas that really work

To eliminate excess liquids, you need to drink a lot. If you add the right spices to the water, however, the detox cleanse will be more effective. Here are five different detox teas to try at home.

Dandelion and cranberry tea to stimulate diuresis. The detox tea made with a combination of dandelion and cranberry with the addition of lemon, helps to stimulate diuresis, thus carrying out a draining action. Cranberry juice is in fact diuretic and also rich in antioxidants. Dandelion promotes digestion and diuresis and lemon stimulates liver function by purifying it. Drinking this detox tea throughout the day will help the body to expel toxins and will allow the body to do the load of vitamins and minerals.

dandelion and crandberry tea

Fennel tea to deflate the belly. Among the detox teas, the one that has the greatest detoxifying properties, in addition to acting on the abdominal swelling, is the fennel tea with coriander and cumin. This detox tea will help to purify the body and deflate the belly, reducing this annoying symptom, both physically and aesthetically. Consume it once a day, to get a long-term detox cleanse.

fennel tea

Herbal tea with basil, ginger and cumin to purify the kidneys and liver. As we have already said, many detox teas act on organs such as the liver and kidneys that are responsible for the elimination of excess liquids in our body. To purify these two important organs you can prepare a detox tea with basil, ginger and cumin: basil acts on the kidneys, also improving digestion; cumin helps to purify the body and stimulate circulation, as well as promoting digestion; ginger is a detoxifying spice that acts on the liver, kidneys and colon. The addition of lemon juice, thanks to vitamin C, will enhance the action of all spices. 

basil tea

Artichoke and milk thistle tea: winning mix to eliminate toxins. With these two plants, you can prepare a really effective detox tea that combines the purifying properties of the artichoke with the protective properties of milk thistle. You will get an effective mix to rid the body of excess toxins.

artichoke tea

Rosehip tea to purify and strengthen the immune system. If, in addition to purifying the body, you need to strengthen the immune system, the ideal is to prepare a rosehip tea. This detox tea will also have a diuretic and beneficial action for the skin.

rosehip tea

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