Extending Life thanks to a diet: My feedback on the FMD Prolon Kit

Extending Life thanks to a diet: My feedback on the FMD Prolon Kit

Extending life through a diet: Anna's direct feedback, who tried Prolon kit and discovered the benefits of fasting mimicking diet.

"I remember I got home after a long working day, I wanted to relax on the couch and watch TV. That evening, a new episode of the TV show "le Iene" was broadcast. While writing an e-mail, it was almost never possible to disconnect completely, that TV show was broadcast on "how to extend life through the diet".

I admit to I was surprised by hearing the word diet because recently, after deciding to stop smoking, I was led to use food as a palliative to avoid thinking about it. The result? I put on some weight! ".

"As the program was going on I realized it was not about the common slimming diet. Professor Longo (whom I had never heard of before) interviewed by Nadia Toffa, explained that "prolonging life through the diet" was possible. What struck me most was the absolute revision of the concept of "caloric restriction" as well as the enthusiasm and satisfaction of Nadia for using this 5-day FMD kit.

Extending life with FMD diet

Once the interview was over (Click here to watch the video), I looked up to find out how it is possible to "extend life" thanks to Professor Longo's scientific research-based diet. The next day I bought the book "The diet of longevity" in which the scientist related systematically the studies he carried out. In the following months, I followed the DL diet (longevity diet) and lost many of the accumulated pounds, as well as a positive feeling of well-being.

Driven by the positive effects, I was convinced to buy the Prolon kit, also available in the gluten-free version, because I'm celiac. I admit I have put aside the scepticism that generally distinguishes me, I did not think it was possible to prolong life through a diet but, if I decided to take this path, it is above all because according to the research carried out I understood that it was about a serious program, scientifically proven".

That is how my 5 days started!

Extending Life , the benefits of the Prolon diet

"At first, I was a little worried because of my very intense rhythms that I thought could have been an obstacle: I live in Genoa but I work in Milan and I am the typical" commuter "who gets up every day at 6 am and returns at 9:30 pm. It was actually simpler than I thought! The preparations contained in the kit are almost all ready to use, so extremely are practical.

In addition, I did not expect freeze-dried products to taste as good! I would also like to find some of them in the shops, for example quinoa soup and kale cracker. "

How to prolong life with Prolon? I tell you:

"A super positive experience: a lot of energy, no loss of strength. You realize that you do not need all the calories we usually introduce into the body to live and feel good. I was not hungry. I was expecting problems with constipation, perhaps because I thought that caloric intake did not guarantee a normal physiological process, but it was not.

My abdominal circumference has further decreased and my blood pressure has generally improved. Another interesting aspect is that, often suffering from cervical sinusitis and back pain, after 5 days, the frequency of both symptoms manifested lowered. I do not know if this beneficial effect can be found in the diet but it is certainly an aspect not to be underestimated.

In short, I had a feeling of general well-being that covered different aspects: from the brighter skin to the feeling of lightness and physical efficiency, from a greater capacity for creation and concentration to the good mood ".

What has changed after the FMD?

"After 5 days, the desire to have an increasingly healthy lifestyle continued and I decided to fully adhere to the rules of the diet of longevity. I had already started a mostly vegetarian diet before, preferring the plant-based proteins to animal proteins; I also reduced cheese. Thanks to the FMD, I had a great confirmation of why I felt better.

In addition, the second book "At the Table of Longevity" which contains many recipes of the Mediterranean culinary tradition. We immediately realize how, without great endeavour, we can fulfil the goal of health and longevity by respecting the food traditions of our grandparents. I think it's a wonderful message!

"Prolonging life through diet' is therefore possible. I personally recommend the Fasting Mimicking Diet, without any doubt, because, as I said before, the beneficial effects are obvious and it is reassuring that everything is based on scientific data".

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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