The six benefits of the fasting mimicking diet

The six benefits of the fasting mimicking diet


The Fasting Mimicking Diet, devised by Professor Valter Longo, if followed correctly, may represent an alternative way of finding the right balance with the body. According to the publication of the journal Science Translational Medicine, the potential benefits of this practice are numerous and their application extends to different fields, from the scientific field to the clinical one.

By repeating this cycle steadily over time, after a period varying between 3 and 6 months depending on the risk factors, Professor Longo explains that it would be possible to obtain a "cell regeneration" effect based on the death of non-efficient cells and on the production of new stem cells.

It does not deal with an actual fasting; the word "mimicking" suggests a diet that imitates the effects of fasting. The Fasting Mimicking Diet lasts only a few days, more exactly five days during which there will be an improvement of every feature of our body. Let's analyse them together!


  1. Better preservation of cognitive functions. Adopting a low-calorie diet not only contributes to cellular regeneration but also helps to reinforce neural regeneration and enhance learning abilities.
  2. Reduction of abdominal fat with a significant increase in muscle mass in relation to body weight.
  3. Decrease of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Studies assert that it would be able to repair pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.
  4. Significant improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol values ​​in subjects having the following alterations.
  5. The strategic deprivation of certain nutrients, not only prevents the risk of developing pathologies such as cancer, but it has also produced a decrease in the IGF1 hormone by stimulating the regeneration of tissues. The hormone IGF1 is necessary for growth during development. However, when we get older it is a cause of diseases in the process of cellular aging.
  6. A rejuvenation of the immune system, a kind of "reset" whereby about a third will be destroyed, and will be rebuilt during the refeeding, or when a normal diet is resumed.

The benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diet can be numerous and affect different areas of our body. Thanks to these 5 days of restriction, repeated steadily in time, clinical tests have determined the possibility of obtaining an effect of "reprogramming" internal cells, helping our body to cope with the passage of time.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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