Christmas is coming... Still don’t know what to prepare? Here are our suggestions and ideas for your vegan Christmas dinner.

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Healthy vegan recipes: appetizer

For your vegan Christmas dinner, we propose some easy vegan recipes.

Salad with pomegranate. It brings good luck, is full of antioxidants, and opens the stomach: pomegranate is the Christmas fruit par excellence. Eat it for your Vegan Christmas dinner. It is perfect as an aperitif or side dish.

Quinoa meatballs. There is no appetizer without meatballs. For your vegan Christmas dinner, try these that are accompanied by a green celery sauce. For the meatballs, you will need also potatoes, cumin, and breadcrumbs.

Red cabbage salad. Among the healthy vegan recipes, we suggest another fresh dish, greedy, and with a color very suitable to warm the most important party of the year: the red cabbage salad with apples.

Easy vegan recipes: first courses

Lentil soup. Perfect for a vegan Christmas dinner. Depending on the portions, you can put it on the menu as an appetizer or as a first course.

Risotto with radicchio and hazelnuts. It combines the bitterness of this wonderful salad with the delicate flavor of hazelnuts, a delicious combination embellished even more by the scent of fresh sage.

Vegan lasagna with pumpkin and turnip tops. A first course that combines two vegetables with a strong flavor. Enrich them with oatmeal béchamel. Your vegan Christmas dinner will be perfect with this first course!

Healthy vegan recipes: second courses

To have a perfect vegan Christmas dinner, you need also second courses. Here are some ideas:

Savory cake with hummus, potatoes, and radicchio. Very good and tasty, with a basic layer of hummus and potatoes covered entirely with roasted radicchio, garlic, and marjoram.

Red onions stuffed with hummus and capers. A dish for lovers of strong flavors: soft onions baked stuffed with a tasty cream of chickpeas and capers, all completed by pumpkin seeds.

Vegan meatloaf with pumpkin and potatoes stuffed with spinach. The meatloaf is a must-have for Christmas dinner and this version made with pumpkin and potatoes is no less than the "traditional" ones.

Vegan cake recipe

How to finish a special vegan Christmas dinner? With a vegan cake! Here some ideas:

Vegan chocolate cake. It is a tasty and greedy sweet. You can prepare it with soy yogurt that gives it softness and smoothens its flavor.

Tart with apricot jam. It is a classic cake. This vegan version will surprise you for the friability of the pastry and the delicacy of the combinations of flavor: a simple and tasty delight! Enrich it with apricot jam.

What do you think about these healthy vegan recipes? Enjoy your vegan Christmas dinner!

Merry Christmas from L-Nutra. :)


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