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Is it possible to live up to 100 years old? Maybe yes. There are, in fact, areas of the planet that are defined as 'blue zones', in which the longevity rate is higher than any other areas of the world and the centenarians living there enjoy an enviable psychophysical form. Let us find out more together.

What is a Blue Zone?

Blue Zones are particular parts of the world inhabited by a high percentage of over-centenarians characterized by a long and healthy life. What are the 5 blue zones? Today the areas classified as "Blue Zones" are Loma Linda (USA), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Sardinia (Italy), Ikaria (Greece), and Okinawa (Japan).

The Blue Zones identification reinforces the concept of how nutrition has a key role concerning health and longevity. Blue Zone residents have similar and recurrent habits known as common denominators of all centenarians. It is not enough to eat healthy food. To live well and for a long time it is necessary: good food (fresh food and vegetable origin), less stress (also through yoga and meditation), more movement (just walk), and more love (give more importance to social relations and to the community to which you belong). These are four basic things that blue zones inhabitants have in common.

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Blue zones diet

The blue zones diet is mainly vegan with the addition of fish, 2-3 times a week. They prefer fish with a low amount of mercury and rich in omega-3, omega-6, and vitamin B12. The most consumed types of fish are salmon, anchovy, sardine, cod, sea bream, trout, and sometimes seafood such as clams and shrimps.

The correct "Longevity Diet", studied by Dr. Valter Longo, is mainly vegan/pescetarian (limiting the consumption of fish to 2-3 meals per week). It contains an adequate intake of daily protein from plant sources such as beans, chickpeas, and other legumes and reduced consumption of saturated fatty acids and simple carbohydrates in favor of unsaturated fatty acids and complex carbohydrates derived from whole grains and season vegetables, preferably organic. Another important point is to eat by selecting the right ingredients among those your ancestors used to eat. It is essential to take all the necessary nutrients, but the best thing is to take them from foods that are normally present on the tables of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. The human body is the result of billions of years of evolution, but the last thousand have helped to select the most suitable individuals for their environment and the most appropriate foods for genotypes.

The centenarians of the blue zones in the world have a great social and spiritual capacity; they follow a constantly active lifestyle without excessive stress. The strong sense of community and the presence of healthy relationships with friends and family create a real connection to the environment and a spiritual vision of life. One of the most significant practices for centenarians is the reduction of the hours during which they eat (within 12 hours), respecting at least 12 hours of fasting between the evening meal and breakfast.


Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan

Historically, fasting has been practiced for religious reasons rather than health-related ones. Over the centuries, people have faced difficult periods resulting in an efficient optimization of energy reserves to survive. Between the various types of fasting, there is a temporary and periodic food model combining the advantages of an alternate-day calorie restriction with fasting ones, to enhance the benefits of both strategies. How to fast with real food? This is the ProLon - Fasting Mimicking Diet eating planthe first food protocol scientifically designed to simulate a water-only fasting condition. ProLon has been developed to provide many of the beneficial effects of fasting while allowing you to enjoy real and delicious food. Some of ProLon benefits are:

  • Helps you to overcome food cravings, learn more about portion control and lose visceral fat* while protecting lean body mass  
  • Triggers cellular rejuvenation – the natural recycling of cellular debris, leading to cell rejuvenation and supporting healthy aging  
  • Leads to greater focus, clarity, and energy  
  • Targets visceral fat loss* while maintaining lean body mass 

*weight loss may vary from person to person. 

 ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan

Do you want to know more about The Longevity Diet? You can get your FREE copy here. Remember: if you need more nutritional information about ProLon diet,  get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.


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