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Alda Attinà

Head of the Scientific Team

Expert in caloric restriction and inflammatory diseases. For Alda, Longevity is the dimension of the correct lifestyle.

Ilaria D’Angelo

MSc Nutritionist Biologist

Expert in Dietetics and Nutrition. For Ilaria, Longevity is the most precious goal we can reach, the result of real love for ourselves.

Carmen Loverso

MSc Nutritionist Biologist

MSc Nutritionist Biologist since 2017, keen on healthy cooking and sport. For Carmen, Longevity is loving the only place you will live in forever: your body.

Benedetta Zenobi

MSc Nutritionist Biologist

MSc Nutritionist Biologist since 2018, interested in immunity. For Benedetta, Longevity is eating, thinking, and living healthy.

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