Eating lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and exercising outdoors. It takes little to detoxify the body from excess toxins. Let’s see together the best methods to detoxify the body.

What are the toxins?

Toxins can be of two types: endogenous when produced by the body due to food ingestion or exogenous when they are due to dyes, excipients, or preservatives. 

How to detox your body fast? To purify the organism, it is necessary to stimulate the activity of all those organs such as the kidneys, the liver, the intestine, and the lungs, which are the physiological purifiers of our body. But…how? One of the best methods to detoxify the body and one of the first natural remedy could nutrition, taking certain foods with detoxifying properties such as artichokes and asparagus.

Keep reading to find out all the best methods to detoxify the body.

Best methods to detoxify the body 

Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. What are fruits and vegetables that detoxify your body? In addition to asparagus and artichokes, you should eat cabbages and broccoli, rich in substances useful for the detoxification of the liver, garlic that is important to detoxify the intestine, and even fresh fruits and vegetables of all types. 

Vegetables - especially green leafy - purify the blood, making it easier for the body to get rid of toxins.

You can use vegetables in fruit smoothies, put them in salads or make centrifuges. Celery, cucumber, beet, carrot, lettuce, ginger, and lemon are all excellent choices for centrifuges, to cleanse our body from unwanted toxins.

green vegetables and fruits


Exercise. You can also detoxify your body through sweating, thanks to constant exercise sessions. With about fifteen minutes of physical activity every day, you will be able to remove toxins through the pores of your skin. Take care of your skin and remove dead cells that block pores.


Drink warm water and lemon. This is a very effective method to give your digestive system a break and help the organism purify itself from harmful substances. Have a glass of warm lemon water when you wake up in the morning and you’ll feel better.

water and lemon

Give yourself the right hours of sleep. It is one of the best thing to detox your body. Sleep regenerates our body, which without adequate and sufficient sleep does not recharge and does not work at optimal levels. Try to rest from 7 to 9 hours a night.

sleeping woman

Breathe deeply, walk, and smile. Find the bright side in every day. Anything that will help reduce concerns will also reduce the toxins caused by stress. We should be aware of the consequences of our daily life choices.

smiling woman

Do a weekly scrub. This eliminates dead cells, promotes microcirculation, and gives elasticity to the skin. To avoid wasting money on expensive products, try the DIY scrub with coffee grounds.

 homemade scrub

It is much easier to prevent intoxication and maintain a healthy body than trying to clean up the damage that has already been done. Why don’t you start taking care of yourself by following the best methods to detoxify the body?


Do you want more information about the best foods to detoxify your body? 

Get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.



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