Fasting Mimicking Diet: The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

Fasting Mimicking Diet: The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

Fasting Mimicking Diet: the revolution Valter Longo

It has always been said since ancient times that a proper diet, along with a few days of fasting, can have huge benefits for the body. Professor Valter Longo, during his 10-year scientific research has demonstrated how our body activates cell regeneration processes through a caloric restriction that imitates fasting (Fasting Mimicking Diet). These processes help slow cell aging by reducing the risks of exposure to correlated diseases.

It is an actual revolution of the "diet" notion, which is not meant anymore as a dietary restriction aiming at the ultimate goal of weight loss, but a strong ally for the prevention of pathologies and for slowing down the process of cell aging.

It is about reprogramming the body through a specific dietary pattern in order to introduce it into a slower form of aging, a kind of total reset involving benefits to our body by regenerating the immune system and promoting the production of healthy cells.

The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

1) In the first phase, the yeasts, which are simple unicellular organisms having half of genes in common with humans, were the subject of experiments. In the studies carried out by Professor Longo, it has been discovered that by reducing the yeasts’ feeding their life cycle is extended.

2) In the second phase, studies on mice were carried out, demonstrating that a strategic deprivation of certain food, as it had been previously done on yeasts, extends the life expectancy of the rodents. It turns out that such deprivation has also benefits on the immune system, with a significant reduction in the incidence of cancer and inflammatory diseases, as well as on the brain, improving cellular regeneration.

3) In the last phase, Professor Longo and his team were able to obtain a confirmation in humans, corroborating the thesis that a caloric restriction, once a month for five days, not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also the amount of lGF-1, the growth factor associated with the development of cancer cells. Therefore, the idea of ​​selecting and cataloguing certain types of food that would be part of a controlled diet and would involve benefits not only for the immune and neuronal systems, but also for reducing the incidence of tumours and inflammatory diseases; thence the fasting mimicking diet comes.

Prolon, in collaboration with Professor Valter Longo, has developed a 5-day food kit, which is clinically tested, and easy-to-use that enables to follow the fasting mimicking diet.

 Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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