Fasting is good for the mind and body. There are many forms of fasting, but the typology that has been rediscovered in recently is that of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting allows calorie consumption only for a certain period of the day (usually from six to twelve hours), to drastic calorie reduction for 48 hours, until complete fasting every week.

Intermittent fasting

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a nutritional approach that alternates periods of eating with periods of fasting. Therefore, it is not a real diet, but a food program that rather than suggesting what to eat, it tells you when to do it.

There are several intermittent fasting diets and the most popular are:

  • Scheme 16/8: also known as the leangains method. This scheme divides the day into two parts: 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting. It can be considered as an extension of the fasting done automatically when you sleep, skipping breakfast and eating the first meal at noon and then eating until 8.00 in the evening.
  • Every other day (5:2): the idea of this model is that for two days a week the calorie intake is reduced to a maximum of 500/600 calories. The days do not have to be consecutive and in the other days, you can eat what you want.
  • Eat Stop Eat: according to this model, you eat every other day, once or twice a week.

Studies on intermittent fasting are innumerable, many of which are still "work in progress", but there are considerable benefits connected to fasting. In addition to weight loss, intermittent fasting would seem to help improve blood pressure and would help the body to dispose fats by going into ketosis. Those who practice intermittent fasting report feeling more lucid and focused during fasting.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Do you want to get closer to the world of fasting? We recommend a method in which you will not give up food, even for one day, bringing to your body all the benefits of fasting. It is a scientifically formulated 5-days meal plan from more than twenty years of clinical trials: ProLon®. ProLon nourishes your body while promoting all the beneficial effects of the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Unlike intermittent fasting, the Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan works differently than other fasts to give you all the benefits of fasting while providing essential nutrients to feed your body’s energy levels.

What are the benefits of the FMD?

  • Promotes self-repair and rejuvenation;
  • Decreases excess body fat and preserves lean body mass*
  • Helps you change your relationship with food;
  • Helps you feel in control of your health;
  • Supports cell rejuvenation for healthy aging;
  • Helps improve energy, focus, and mental clarity;

*The amount of weight loss may vary from person to person.

ProLon kit and women

Recent evidence shows how a healthy balanced eating habit may improve the overall health status and work on your lifespan in the long term. Try following a Longevity Diet after your fasting regimen may support the reached benefits and let you enjoy a daily wellness. Discover the Longevity Diet with our Nutritionists.

If you haven’t done it yet, you should try ProLon now, so you can try it yourself. Buy your ProLon now and get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.




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