A proper diet during pregnancy is very important for reducing health risks both for the mother and for the child. What are the best foods to eat while pregnant? Read this article to discover them.

Nutrition during pregnancy

The quality of maternal nutrition during pregnancy is one of the factors that can significantly affect the health of the mother and the unborn child.

It is, therefore, appropriate to pay attention to the feeding of the mother-to-be, until the entire period in which the child will be breastfed.

pregnant woman

Nutrition during pregnancy must have specific characteristics, which have been studied by nutrition scientists and gynecologists according to the real physiological needs dictated by the pregnancy condition. However, advice and guidelines must be personalized, because every pregnant woman is different and has nutritional requirements to respect. 

For this reason, we can see what the best foods to eat during pregnancy in general are. 

Best foods to eat while pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman’s body "gives" important nutrients that are useful to the fetus. These are vitamins, including vitamin B and folate, minerals including calcium and iron, fatty acids, and sugars. 

To be able to keep in balance the own contribution of such substances without being in deficit, the mother-to-be must choose specific foods.

The best foods to eat while pregnant are:

Carbohydrates. They cannot miss, and, they should be eaten more during pregnancy. They must be present in every meal in the form of bread, pasta, rice, rusks or biscuits, breakfast cereals, cereals in salads and soups (millet, barley, buckwheat, corn, etc.), legumes (yes, they also contain carbohydrates, in addition to proteins), potatoes.


Fresh seasonal fruit, also perfect as a snack or in the form of juices or centrifuges.

fresh fruits

Vegetables must be present at every meal. In these foods, especially green leafy vegetables, cabbages, raw tomatoes, peppers, there is a high amount of vitamin C (also contained in many fruits including citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, etc.), essential for the absorption of iron of non-animal origin.


Dried fruit. It is an excellent snack, especially in the advanced stage of pregnancy, when the appetite increases. It provides proteins, "good" fats, fibers to combat the tendency to common constipation at this stage. Dried fruit be consumed in small portions every day, better if during breakfast or in the early part of the day, for example as a mid-morning snack, in combination with fresh fruit.

 dried fruit

In addition to the best foods to eat while pregnant, it is also important to understand which foods to avoid while pregnant.

Keep reading.

Foods to avoid while pregnant 

In pregnancy, some foods can be harmful to the mother and fetus.

  • Alcoholic beverages are completely forbidden. The reason is easy to understand: the fetus is not able to metabolize alcohol, because he/she does not yet have a liver and enzymes, therefore this substance remains in his/her body, intoxicating it.
  • Coffee and drinks containing psychostimulant substances should be avoided or consumed occasionally, 
  • Raw proteins: seafood, meat and fish, raw eggs, raw milk. All these foods should be consumed after cooking to avoid the risk of infections such as toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis, and listeriosis;
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruit. If, for example, you should eat a rich mixed salad, it is good to wash every single vegetable.


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