5 tips for a better 2022



How many times have you had a list of New Year’s goals when you were talking to friends, family, or even just to yourself? How many of these goals have you been able to achieve actually? If the answer to the first question is "many times" and the answer to the second is "few goals", keep reading this article.

Today we suggest 5 New Year’s goals to achieve health and serenity.

Tips for the new year

Cast out anger. Feeling often or constantly angry can lead to long-term effects that are unpleasant for ourselves and for our emotional and social relationships. An emotion pushes us to make risky gestures and shout phrases that hurt. Chronic anger can also have a negative impact on the body in several ways: headache, anxiety, stress, therefore digestion problems, and hypertension. 

More kindness and many hugs. Kindness to yourself and to others and more daily hugs. Recent research shows that being warm-hearted to ourselves especially when we feel pain and feel inadequate helps much more to feel better than ignoring the problem or continuing to injure yourself with self-criticism. Other studies also emphasize the power of hugs: like kindness and altruism, they bring benefits to the body by increasing oxytocin levels and giving positive effects on the immune system.

hugs between women

Walk, walk, walk. If the gym is not for you, even a minimum of physical activity should be done: keep moving with a simple walk in the neighborhood or in the nearest park is better than nothing. Scientific research shows that adults should exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. 

More air, more nature, more light. Spending as much time as possible outdoors, maybe in green spaces in contact with nature is an excellent habit even when the climate becomes more rigid. Sunlight is also essential for regulating mood throughout the day. It can help regulate our circadian rhythms, having a direct impact on psychophysical well-being and productivity. 

Eat healthier. After eating and drinking during the Christmas holidays, more than a third of people promise to improve their eating habits not only to lose weight but also to feel better with themselves. Science also confirms that obesity is more due to what we eat than how much we eat. Try to follow a healthy and balanced diet: the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the most recommended.

prolon diet

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