More taste, more satiety and more health: there is no excuse not to eat vegetables, but only many good reasons to eat them at every meal and of all colors, orange, yellow, green, purple, red: the colors of health! Why are vegetables good for you? Let us discover their benefits together.

What is a vegetable?

Vegetables are a source of nutrients and natural fibers essential for a healthy diet. It is important to take them daily because they help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

From the nutritional point of view, vegetables are between the sixth and seventh group of foods, although many also consider vegetables certain legumes and potatoes, (instead, they belong to the third and fourth groups). Is a potato a vegetable? No, not only because they are part of the tuber family, but because from a nutritional point of view, they are equivalent to bread or white rice, which is mainly made of complex carbohydrates (starch).

The importance of a daily and constant intake of vegetables in our diet is represented by a series of nutrients that these provide us. Why are vegetables good for you? Let us see it together.


Why are vegetables good for you?

Have you ever wondered, “Why are vegetables good for you?” Here is the answer. Vegetables have several well-defined chemical-nutritional characteristics; these are: 

  • Plenty of water. Vegetables contain up to 95% liquid. Consuming a good amount of vegetables helps to avoid the onset of bodily dehydration and malfunctioning of the organism (hypovolemia, lithiasis, hypotension, poor physical-athletic performance, etc.). 
  • Plenty of dietary fiber. Vegetables, such as legumes, cereals, and mushrooms, contain dietary fiber. This component has a positive influence on the motility of the intestine, on the purification of the colon, and the tropism of the physiological bacterial flora. Moreover, it modulates the alimentary absorption. Lack of fiber in the diet can alter the intestinal bacterial flora and create constipation and abdominal swelling.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables contain an excellent amount of certain vitamins, especially A, C, E, K, and folic acid. The same applies to mineral salts, among which stand out potassium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. The reduced intake of mineral salts can alter the water-saline homeostasis; the lack of minerals such as potassium, for example, can cause cramps and muscle weakness. 
    • Low-calorie intake. Vegetables, thanks to the very low-calorie intake, help to satiate faster, reducing the intake of other more energetic foods and therefore the total calorie of the meal.
    • Vegetables, especially raw, contain enzymes that stimulate and facilitate digestion. When taken before meals, they also help to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats from the rest of the meal. Do not eat vegetables means having slower digestion and less balanced control of blood sugar and lipid levels in the blood.

    Why are vegetables good for you? Well, we have seen several benefits together. However, how to eat them? Keep reading.

    lots of vegetables

    How to eat vegetables

    Vegetables must be eaten both raw and cooked. The former maintains its nutritional characteristics and is not subject to oxidative, thermal, or dispersive cutbacks. However, they contain greater amounts of anti-nutrient molecules, less digestible fibers. The latter allows you to consume larger portions, although less nutritious, but with the advantage of introducing many more fibers. 

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