Although it is often labeled as an uninfluenced activity, walking is a great way to help your body lose weight. Taking a few steps every day really helps to lose weight: it is easy, fun, not tiring, everyone can do it and it is free. Don’t you want to get started already?

Benefits of walking

Does walking really help you lose weight? Or is it a physical activity which is too "light" to have tangible effects on our body? We all know how walking is good for mental and physical well-being. However, contrary to what you might think, it is also very useful to lose weight. It is a type of exercise helping your body to get rid of excess fat and burn calories. That is why understanding exactly how to walk is something to take seriously.

Lose weight by walking

Walking accelerates your metabolism. Walking makes you lose weight because it increases your heart rate and, consequently, accelerates your metabolism, to be induced to consume more calories and burn more fat: The combination of diet and physical activity is a winning combination to make you lose weight by eating. Starting to walk, gradually increasing your speed, can give a boost to your metabolism.

Walking tones muscles and burns more calories. Thanks to walking, we can tone almost all muscle groups in the body, improving cardiovascular capacity, reducing diabetes and cholesterol, increasing lung capacity, eliminating stress, stimulating our mood, and, of course, losing weight!

Lose weight by walking

Walking is a real sport and for this reason, it needs a specific program. It is necessary to alternate the brisk pace with a slower one. An example? You can start by alternating 60 seconds of fast walking and 60 seconds of moderate walking. Once you have 'activated' your breath, you can reach 40 seconds of quick pace and 20 seconds of a slow pace, proceeding in this way for 10 minutes. Then 15, 20, up to 30 minutes a day of training.

If you can walk every day, for at least 120 minutes in a week (just over two hours) you can burn up to 500 calories (in a whole year you talk about 26 thousand calories) - with a distance travelled of about 800 meters in 10 minutes. Calories loss walking at a steady pace is about 40-45. Of course, you don’t have to overdo it: this number may vary depending on your limits, weight, and level of effort. Always listen to your body.

Walking about an hour a day can help you burn calories and, as a result, lose weight. In addition, it has been a study carried out, involving 11 women of moderate weight, making them walk quickly every day for 6 months, and progressively increasing their time devoted to the activity, up to an hour. At the end of the experiment, each of them had lost on average about 7.7 kg or 10% of the starting weight. That only began when the duration of the walk started to go over 30 minutes. This indicates that even the time spenLosing weight with a low-calorie diett walking can be related to weight loss. A viable alternative, which increases the number of calories burned, can be to walk in the water.

lose weight by walking

Losing weight with a low-calorie diet

Although walking itself promotes weight loss, combining this aerobic activity with a low-calorie diet undoubtedly accelerates the process. An exclusive low-calorie diet which, besides to allowing you to lose weight has many other benefits. We are talking about ProLon – Fasting Mimicking Diet: the only and unique 5-day meal program that gives the benefits of fasting while providing delicious food to help fight hunger and protect lean body mass. If you haven’t tried it yet, buy ProLon now

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