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The best way to lose weight quickly is to choose a healthy lifestyle that is 360° healthy - from the best diet to lose weight to sleep quality - and includes low, medium, or high-intensity physical activity.

 According to the WHO, 41% of Europeans do not do any kind of physical activity, but they are not the only ones: the whole Western population and not only is involved in a global epidemic that also has a name: globesity. The World Health Organization estimates that global obesity has tripled since 1975 and that more than 1.9 billion adults on the planet have been overweight since 2016. To cure this epidemic everyone can do his/her part and there is a solution: to lose weight. However, what is the best way to lose weight?

Lose weight fast

How to lose weight quickly?

Before you find out what is the best way to lose weight you need to understand how you lose weight: how do we lose weight? We lose weight - in a healthy way - when there is a negative calorie balance.

The negative caloric balance is the product of a very simple relationship: if the calories we spend are greater than those we accumulate, at that point the caloric balance is negative. A negative caloric balance in turn leads to a reduction in fat because fat triggers lipolysis and the resulting cell lipid consumption.

The best way to lose weight

There are two solutions: choose a healthy diet and do exercise. Losing weight with proper nutrition as well as doing good and making us feel better, is also good for the planet: since caloric foods produce more emissions, requiring more water and more soil to be produced.


As for the best diet to lose weight, DIY is to be avoided, as well as promises of miraculous and too quick results. There are no shortcuts: consulting nutritionists is the best way to start losing weight, along with practicing more physical activity. Moreover, they will help you to choose your personal and best diet to lose weight. 

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ProLon diet

How to lose weight: 6 ways to lose weight fast

The concept to lose weight fast or too quickly is not a good idea, it hurts and all doctors advise against it. Also because it is not a lasting slimming but an illusion: because we do not lose visceral fat, but other, whether liquid, muscle, or other. However, some small tricks if we start from scratch and want to lose weight can help us to optimize the results. Always choose a proper diet and practice regular physical activity.

1. Do not skip breakfast

There is no use in skipping breakfast, on the contrary, it can get us to eat snacks better to avoid during the morning. Breakfast should be done, not necessarily in the continental style, even Italian with a coffee and a croissant or some healthy snacks.

2. Do not skip meals

If skipping breakfast is wrong, if we want to lose weight quickly, skipping meals is an even bigger mistake. Fasting at lunch or dinner is a harmful and self-punitive measure, which is pointless.

3. Do physical activity

We have just said it: the important thing is to burn more calories than they enter into our body and a great way to do it is to move. Move. Switching from simple and move to low, medium, or high-intensity activity is a good idea.

4. No alcohol 

Anything that is alcoholic should be avoided. Alcoholic beverages are a concentrate of calories in any form, whether they are beer, wine, or spirits. To make sure you do not exceed in calories so a great solution is to minimize beer, wine, and more. Better, eliminate them.

5. Drink plenty of water

Water is not only a great friend of the human body; it also helps us to lose weight quickly.

6. Rest well

To lose weight fast, it is important that the body functions to the best of its ability and has the necessary forces to sustain itself. Sleeping well is essential to recharge your body and reduce the levels of stress that inevitably lead to stuffing. A good night’s sleep - the usual 8 hours a night - will help you activate your metabolism and lose weight quickly.

In addition to these tips for you, healthy eating is very important for losing weight. You could start with the Fasting Mimicking Diet! Contact our nutritionists now for a free nutritional consultation and find out if ProLon is safe for you. Choose the day and time you prefer and get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.




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