ProLon is an intermittent fasting diet of 5 days, which you can repeat every 3-4 months. The main objectives of this Intermittent Fasting Diet are:

  1. Purification: In everyday life, it is easy to lose sight of the contributions of balanced food. What usually happens is an imbalance with excess carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol. The ProLon diet allows restoring the correct balance of nutritional elements.
  2. Well-being: the first feeling you get after finishing this fast diet is a feeling of well-being. More lucidity, less heaviness, and fatigue. An immediate impact on your lifestyle.
  3. Losing weight: the calorie deficit, and the proportions of the nutritional elements, low-carbs, simulates a stage of fasting for the body, while the nutrients are actually administered through soups and drinks. The 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet, thanks to the limited assimilation of carbohydrates, leads the metabolism to the formation of ketone bodies (ketogenesis).

 ProLon box

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb nutritional strategy, used by ProLon, which requires the body to produce glucose autonomously and to increase the energy consumption of fat contained in the adipose tissue.

Once you reach the ketogenic phase, the body is more able to “burn fat", even in the days following the diet. During Fasting Week, a global event repeated 3 times a year, people who want to test the diet will have:

  • Community: During the 5 days of Fasting Week, users will be able to access the Facebook community, where there will be other people following the intermittent diet ProLon. In this way, they will be able to exchange opinions, advice, and experiences, making more pleasant a journey that is not always simple, as happens precisely, when a person changes their diet and reduces the calorie intake.
  • Support of nutrition experts: our nutritionists will be at your disposal for an online call in which you receive all the information and clarify any doubts. You can schedule a 20-minute call anytime, via this calendar. They will also be present within the community, so you can interact with them and have constant support.
  • Saving: the promotion preceding Fasting Week, allows you to buy the ProLon kit with an extra discount of € 20 (coupon code: FW4).  

How to participate in the Fasting Week Summer Edition 2021?

  1. Buy on our shop the kit with meals for our 5-day diet. The kit includes a variety of soups, L-bar (two flavors: nut-based and chocolate crunch), olives, kale crackers, tea (Spearmint, hibiscus), L drink, supplements. Remember to use the coupon to saves €20 (FW4)!
  2. If you have any doubts, before buying you can ask for free nutritional support with our nutritionists, by booking an online call through this page.
  3. You will receive by email all the information and links to access the community, to start this journey of well-being together with many other people and with the presence of nutritionists.fasting week

Those who try ProLon often repeat the experience, find out why!

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