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ProLon® L-Pill

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Ingredients for healthy aging

The quality and pace of our biological aging are key determinants of a long and healthy life. L-Pill's strength lies in its unique combination of four natural ingredients that have been consumed by millions of people and studied for their potential benefits in healthy aging.


With EFSA approval to promote cardiovascular health, brain health and eye health within normal limits at all stages of life. DHA is a structural component of the human brain and retina. DHA can also positively influence the gut-brain axis, promote intestinal wall integrity and support the body's immune health.

Wasabi Japonica

Wasabi japonica rhizome/root is known to naturally target a gene regulatory network involved in cell protection and supporting liver health and detoxification, healthy immune function and brain health.

Cane sugar extract

Very rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and proanthocyanins, it promotes metabolic health (supporting glucose levels), supports healthy antioxidant status of lipids, proteins and mitochondria, as well as healthy immunomodulation secondary to daily activity, exercise and aging.

Green tea extract

Organic green tea leaf extract from camellia sinensis, which includes catechins containing ECGC and caffeine, promotes sustained energy, may support healthy antioxidant status, encourages cellular protection, metabolic function and cardiovascular health, and therefore promotes brain health and immune system function.


Lysine is an amino acid essential to life. It stimulates tissue-building processes and plays a key role in periods of stress (intense physical effort, injuries, burns, surgery). It is indispensable for numerous biochemical regulations, but above all for the development of the body and the growth of muscle mass. Supplementation with this amino acid is particularly indicated in cases of acute and recurrent herpes.


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