Fasting Week

Fasting week

- The event is over-

What is Fasting Week?

Fasting week is a global event born to support all people who want to do the ProLon diet together with other Fastinators.
Break down the barrier of fear of fasting and make the Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan easier, with the constant support of the Scientific Team. Enjoy with us!

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Who are our nutritionists?

Carmen Loverso

MSc Nutritionist Biologist

MSc Nutritionist Biologist since 2017, keen on healthy cooking and sport. For Carmen, Longevity is loving the only place you will live in forever: your body.

Benedetta Zenobi

MSc Nutritionist Biologist

MSc Nutritionist Biologist since 2018, interested in immunity. For Benedetta, Longevity is eating, thinking, and living healthy.

Why participate in Fasting Week?

The main motivations are the psycho-emotional ones. Dealing with the experience in the community makes everything easier. You can constantly share with other Fastinators any questions or curiosities that may arise during the ProLon diet. You will also receive mental and nutritional support from our nutritionists and mental coaches. Be part of our community: it is more fun!