"I have tried the Fasting Mimicking Diet": the experience of those who did ProLon®

"I have tried the Fasting Mimicking Diet": the experience of those who did ProLon®

Here some questions and curiosities to those who did ProLon®. Let’s discover together the personal experience of 2 women who have tried the Fasting Mimicking Diet: Zoa and Carolina, two young health coaches.

Are you curious about ProLon? Would you like to know more about the Fasting Mimicking Diet? Continue reading the article to learn more!

How did you find out ProLon and what did you think about?

Z: “I love studying the blue zones, and during my research I came across Valter Longo’s study and his book “The longevity diet”, and then learn about the Fasting Mimicking Diet .”

C: “I found it through a friend that was doing it. I decided to read about it and that is how I got intrigued by it.”

Did you feel worried about doing the Fasting Mimicking Diet? If so, what were you most afraid of?

Z: “I was very excited to try the benefits of it, but I was afraid about the psychological consequences (was I was going to feel anxiety...or hungry and weak...) but I prepared my mind to do it and it was easier that I imagined.”

C: “I wasn't afraid of it, I was just worried I would lose too much weight, but in the end I did not lose a lot of weight.”

How did you feel during the 5 days? Tell us about your experience.

Z: “The first two days I felt good, the third day was the most difficult and the 4th and 5th I didn’t feel hungry but I felt less energy and I didn’t like that feeling. But not any sort of anxiety or gluttony, which really surprised me!”

C: “Day 1 and 2 were ok. Day 3 was the hardest for me, for sure. I thought about quitting on several occasions during the day. Day 4, however was a miracle day. I woke up feeling so so good and with so much clarity and energy that I was motivated to keep on going."

Which one was the hardest day for you?

Z: “The third day was the most difficult day.”

C: “Day 3 is the hardest day of all!!!”

How did you find yourself after ProLon? What about now?

Z: “I feel more conscious about eating, and after the Fasting Mimicking Diet I eat with less anxiety and slower.”

C: “I actually found myself feeling really really well. My body was also looking amazing. My skin was glowing. I will actually do it again after summer.”

Would you recommend ProLon? And why?

Z: “I would recommend ProLon if someone is thinking on water fast I prefer this way of fast. I think it is a good way to support the normal daily diet.”

C: “Yes I would. It's amazing how you feel after. I also think it's a nice break for our system. It works so hard all day, all the time, that a 5 day break is wonderful!! Thank you for creating such an amazing product.”

Just do what they do: Try ProLon now! And if you want to know more about Zoa and Carolina, follow them.

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