Have you ever thought of a mindful approach to ProLon diet? Do you already know how to prepare for your Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan? Remember that on 19th April, the 3rd edition of Fasting Week will start! Don’t be unprepared and let us find out together with Doctor Victoria Laura Santoliquido how to do it.

Vittoria is an Italian dentist that in 2016 took her first mindfulness class about stress control management in the medical field. Over the years, she has taken several courses dedicating part of her life to practice mindfulness, as two years ago when she left alone for Bali to take a mindfulness class. When she returned to Italy, Vittoria started studying to obtain an official certification as a facilitator in mindfulness recognized by the Holistic Accreditation Board. Through this interview, Vittoria will explain how to approach ProLon diet in a mindful way. Keep reading.


How important is mindfulness for you?

V: Practicing mindfulness daily and consequently mindful eating has totally changed my way of life and relationship with food. Today, I would like to share my experience with you and be able to give you my support before, during and after the fasting week. Starting a mindfulness journey will lead you to take care of yourself and to re-establish a relationship of love with your body and mind in full awareness.

How did you approach ProLon diet?

V: I have always been passionate about foods; my mum got me used to eating well. When I was a child, there were no carbonated drinks, snacks, or candies at home. At school, I remember I used to have as snacks a piece of homemade cake or a sandwich with pieces of dark chocolate inside. Then, during university, I started to want to understand much more about our body, how we could prevent diseases, and what we could do to help us to live well and for a long time. In 2016, I read Valter Longo's book, The Longevity Diet, and I liked it very much. I also gave it to my mom. Thus, I tried to follow her guidelines and for this reason, now, I want to try ProLon diet.

Do you think that mindful practice can be useful in supporting ProLon diet?

V: I believe that mindfulness and in particular, mindful eating is essential to take a full advantage of the Fasting Mimicking Diet benefits. Removing distractions, focusing on the present moment, tasting new flavours, smells, and sensations in full awareness helps to reduce stress and slow down cellular aging processes. Our minds and body are closely connected. It is scientifically proven that mindfulness leads to a reduction in cortisol levels, decreases the levels of inflammatory chemicals such as cytokines, increases the production of melatonin and serotonin, hormones involved in the prevention of stress and aging processes, increases the immune response. 

 spirit - body - mind

What do you expect from ProLon diet?

V: I do not know exactly what to expect, I've never followed a proper food protocol. I think there will be 5 days, in which I focus a lot on my body and try to listen to it. I will follow all ProLon diet instructions and we will see.

How are you getting ready from a mindful point of view? What are your feelings or emotions about this new experience with ProLon diet?

V: I am very curious to try the Fasting Mimicking Diet eating plan. I do not know how my body and my mind will react exactly. I look forward to getting started and I am excited because I am sure I will discover new flavours, new smells, and new sensations.

Now you are ready to face in a mindful way your ProLon diet. What better time than Fasting Week? It is almost here, April 19th is coming! Buy your Prolon kit and join the Facebook group now! Do you need more nutritional information about Prolon? Get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.