In this difficult period in which many gyms are still closed because of the Covid-19, you often get used to a sedentary life, without training and movement, which is not good for our mental and physical health. That is why we are here to explain how to tone up your body in a simple way.

How to exercise at home? A strong will and effective training are enough to achieve good results. Let’s see together how to tone the body and how to practice at home.

How to tone up your body

The lack of movement does not allow us to work properly on all muscle mass, at the expense of health and weight-loss. Toning the body is important to protect and support the joints and to improve some metabolic functions. That’s why practicing regular physical activity, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet is the best mix to have a toned and slender body. How to lose weight and tone up your body?  Let’s discover what exercises burn the most calories.


Standing up, your back straight, legs and arms together. Open legs and arms at the same time and close them jumping. If you are a beginner, do small, slow jumps. On the contrary, make jumps wider and faster. Always make sure your abdomen is well contracted so as not to strain your lumbar area.

Jumping jack exercise



Burpees are one of the most important exercises that allow you to work on many muscles. Standing, going down in squat position, with bodyweight on your heels, and bringing the palms of the hand to the ground. From here, bring the legs backward, making the plank position. Activate the abdominal part and buttocks. Hold the position for a few seconds and then bring your feet next to your hands. From here, you have two possibilities: the first is to climb simply contracting the buttocks. The second (of greater intensity) provides a jump upwards.

Burpees exercise



Lie down on your stomach on a yoga mat. From here, lift the torso by bending the knees and crossing the ankles, until you assume the position of the cat. The palms of the hands are completely resting on the ground, with a width slightly wider than that of the shoulders. Keep your back straight and your abdomen tight and prepare to bend your arms. Slowly bend your arms and keep your elbows wide. Once you are down, don’t touch the ground with your chest and climb up.

push-ups on your knees exercise


Between exercises to tone legs and buttocks, in addition to the common squats, there are lunges. Standing up, with your back straight and your tummy pulled in. Push one leg forward and bend the knee down until it forms a 90-degree angle. Change leg and repeat on the other side. For higher intensity, you can try the jump option.

lunges exercise


Start on the mat from the plank position, with a rigid abdomen and shoulders away from the ears. Bend your right leg bringing your knee to your chest. From here, bring your right leg back and repeat with your left leg. You can do the exercise slowly if you are a beginner. To increase the intensity, add a small jump to reverse the position.

mountain climber exercise


Lie down on the yoga mat with your stomach up and your knees bent. Place your hands behind your head with your elbows open and your back attached to the floor. At this point, remove your shoulders and legs from the ground and start the exercise. Stretch the right elbow towards the left knee and vice versa, through torsion of the chest. Throughout the exercise, keep your elbows open, your shoulders away from your head, and your lumbar area perfectly adherent to the floor.

alternate crunch

How often should you exercise?

During each exercise, remember not to hold your breath and concentrate on the correct execution of the movement rather than on the number of repetitions. As regards the latter, we have seen how to tone up, but it is also important to know how many repetitions you should do. You can run three sets of exercises with a minimum of five reps each, and at least 30 seconds of recovery between each of them. Gradually increase the intensity, first with the number of repetitions and then with the most difficult option.


We saw together how to tone up the body, but we have something else to tell you. The golden rule of getting back in shape is to have fun while training! Your feelings play a very important role in promoting your physical and mental well-being. Then experiment, experiment and experiment to find the activity tailored to you. In this regard, we want to share a 10-minute workout with Coach Carley. Watch the video below and start immediately to tone up your body with simple exercises to do at home.

 It can never be repeated often enough that nutrition is our best ally for the health of our body. Do you want more nutritional information? Get in touch with our knowledgeable nutritionists.


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